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Top 5 perks of being an SBI Detroit Member

I love the energy and vibes of Detroit! The only thing better is the shared energy and vibes you get from working with like minded Detroit business owners in a beautiful office space. It exudes inspiration and motivation in a way working out of a coffee shop could never do. So letʼs talk about the top five reasons our members love being a member of SBI Detroit.

Meeting with clients in a real office

One of the perks members enjoy is having a place to present to their potential and existing clients. You will be able to use a huge t.v. to present your ideas in full color. Our members often comment on the fact that it is peaceful as well. Being able to talk in an environment that is conducive to capturing your prospects attention and focus is key to a well executed pitch.

Computers available anytime

Forgot to print out that important document and remembered at 1am? No problem! Our members have the ability to get into the office and fully utilize the SBI Detroit office anytime, day or night. Our members have repeatedly said how nice it is to continue working without interruption even when they are working past normal (or should I say non-business owner) hours.


Our facilities are equipped with multiple cameras and our members appreciate the security and comfort they feel while in the office. Each door has access control to ensure only members will be able to enter the premises. In addition to that we have access control to enter the conference room so you have double security to not be disturbed during your next important presentation or company meeting.


This is actually a feature that is a big deal for many of our members. I have heard time again that the thought of going to the store, standing in line, and figuring out how to get a document printed is a nightmare! Our members like to be able to come in, sit at a computer or pop open their !.Y.!.laptop, easily print what they need, and not be interrupted. So simple, but so worth it.

Networking Events

Last but certainly not least are our incredible networking events. We tend to have groups from certain industry verticals join all at once so you are very likely to be speaking with other industry startups as well as a diverse mix of other businesses. Growing within the group is part of our process and the reason we hold these events often. Our networking events are always productive, engaging, and a great time.

There are certainly more perks waiting for you when you become an SBI Detroit member and we canʼt wait for you to discover them all.

Hereʼs the catch:

You have to be a member to enjoy any of the SBI Detroit perks. If you are not already a member contact us now and we can get you

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