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SBI Detroit Team Member Spotlight: GoRealer Imaging Solutions

Love and Romance with the Art of Storytelling

Most people who are artists excel in more than one area of art. They are usually artists in every sense of the word. Stéphane “Realer” Parker of GoRealer Imaging solutions would tell you that he grew up liking stories. As a child, he used to watch daytime soap operas with his grandmother. He had to just watch and listen. This led to him writing his own stories. By the third grade, he created the pseudonym “Romance Chris”. Realer understood that he had to have strong images to accompany his stories. This is when he discovered that when he wrote his stories that the images he needed did not exist. This pivotal moment is when he decided to go into film and photography. 

Realer’s Passion for Writing Grows to Video & Film

Realer shares,

“Being that my first love is writing, what naturally accompanies that is the imagery. I began becoming more interested in photography as my love for movies deepened. I started my own publishing company, published my own books and began doing all of my own cover art and interior layouts. Initially, what began as a money saving venture, quickly blossomed into another business; my photography business. That passion finally birthed the decision to attend film school. A dream that was once only seen in my mind now produces images that the world can see as well. It's a wonderful blend of passions as one overlaps into the next.”

Establishing GRIS as a Business

GoRealer Imaging Services (GRIS) was established in 2012 and grew organically by word-of-mouth advertising. The services provided are script writing, photography (product and portraiture), video production, and editing along with photo enhancements. GRIS’ mission is to capture greatness by meeting the clients’ visions and expand on them with expertise and confidence. The desire to become a great storyteller increased Realer’s obsession with utilizing ingenious ways to communicate emotions with a camera. GRIS’ motto is to deliver high quality productions with a professional and creative flair. 

In 2013, he met Peter Whittaker of SBI Detroit. At that time, Whittaker hired Realer to work on Serius Energy Drink campaigns as Creative Content Manager. This promotion was an exciting move into a management position

Establishing GRIS as a Business for Real

As SBI Detroit developed and Serius Energy Drink was sold, Realer became a team member of SBI Detroit. As a small business owner, he saw how his challenges would be solved by becoming a team member of SBI Detroit. While GRIS was growing by word-of-mouth advertising, GRIS still hadn't gotten to the point where the business sustained itself on its own.

SBI Detroit Member Overcomes Challenges

Realer experienced several challenges before becoming a member of SBI Detroit. There were issues with maintaining consistent scheduling, keeping a consistent stream of job referrals, and the inability to outsource jobs. 

All these challenges went away when he became a member. Now, Realer has a back office that has alleviated the issue of maintaining his schedule by answering phone calls and scheduling appointments for GRIS. He also has the ability to develop his imaging team, so that he may outsource jobs. Also, he has the constant influx of job referrals by meeting the imaging needs for other SBI members by providing images for websites, social media, and videography services.

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