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SBI Detroit Member Spotlight: S&S Property Preservation

For some people, things just come naturally. According to Shaun Jones, the owner of S&S Property Preservation and a member of SBI Detroit, this is how he felt about contracting. Jones shares, “It was something that came easy to me. I could see the vision before the vision was complete. I could see how the bathroom went together or what would be best for the kitchen.”

Jones left the auto industry in 2009. He had always “worked on the side” doing home renovations. He started to realize that he did not want to work for the auto industry. He started working in the mortgage industry and realized that he should focus on being his own boss. He took the steps to do just that. 

Jones received his general contracting license and established S&S Property Preservation  in 2009. He is skilled and able to complete many contracting tasks, however S&S primarily focuses on remodels, renovations, drywall, and  painting.

“S&S started as a property preservation company working directly with the banks. We offered a full range of property preservation protection in rehab services that were customized to fit our clients’ needs.

Due to an abrupt slowdown and foreclosures that led to decreased work for Michigan contractors, S&S extended its services to private residents and commercial real estate owners meeting all local and government guidelines. We renovate, update, and maintain the integrity of their property.”

Jones’ mission with S&S is to provide quality work that surpasses our clients’ expectations. He explains,  “We will accomplish this through the selective use of responsible contractors. I strive to hire and retain first-class skilled employees. S&S will always approach the building process with honesty and integrity. This approach will provide the fundamentals for long-term company/client relationships and promote growth. We are committed to the success of our clients, our business partners, and our employees.”

In the next five years, Jones aims at  S&S having a clientbase that is primarily investors that only want to fix and flip properties. He is also working to develop a division of handyman services for residential property owners that would complete minor repairs and small jobs with honesty and integrity. 

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