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Points to Consider with PlanSwift

Technology is changing daily. Everyday a software is created or made more efficient to make our lives easier. As a business owner, you have to remain informed of new technology that will make your business run more efficiently.

In the world of construction, there have been several changes to improve the building process.

Construction is construction, right? What has changed to improve the efficiency in construction?

One new innovation is PlanSwift.

What is PlanSwift?  

According to, “PlanSwift is easily customized for you and your specific trade. Simply create assemblies of commonly used materials, waste and even labor. Then drag those assemblies onto the takeoff items for instant and accurate estimates of all your costs!”

But, what does that mean exactly?

“PlanSwift is a convenient construction estimation software application that is primarily designed for increasing takeoff speeds for contractors and construction business owners, but PlanSwift's versatility allows you to tailor its resources to your specific trade. PlanSwift supports several construction trades, including concrete, drywall, electrical, flooring, framing, HVAC, landscaping, painting and plumbing,” explains

So, in other words, PlanSwift is a software application that allows general contractors to identify the needed materials in a job, calculates the cost of the materials based on job size, provides an estimate, and then can schedule the job. PlanSwift color-codes the items that have been counted and results can be exported to Excel for quick itemization.

The Positives of PlanSwift

For each industry, the software can be personalized for the customers’ specific needs.

General Contracting

  • The takeoff software has a click, drop, and estimate feature. Click in the designated area, drag and drop materials, also include waste or labor costs, and PlanSwift will automatically calculate your total expenses in real time. Then, you can share your estimates by printing or exporting your calculations.


  • It can calculate conduit, wiring and cable lengths efficiently. PlanSwift will add the total number of switches and receptacles, automatically calculate material costs, and export the data into the final estimate.


  • PlanSwift supports the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry by determining room volume for heating and tracing linear takeoff for A/C supply lines. It can analyze materials and calculate costs immediately for HVAC assemblies.


  • With PlanSwift, you can use the estimating feature. You can choose tile, carpet, hardwood or laminate floor designs, and then measure nail strip and baseboard requirements. Then, share the estimate by printing and exporting your data.

Points of Consideration with PlanSwift

While this is a noteworthy estimation software, it has some areas to be considered before you decide to use it.

  1. Cost

The PlanSwift Professional software starts at $1,595 per user. There is the option to purchase additional user licenses for $300.

According to, “The professional plan includes project support and updates for the first year. The features are directly associated with your construction business's specific trade. For example, if you're a general contractor, PlanSwift Professional can cut project durations in half with its click, drop, and estimate function. If your trade is plumbing, this service plan can measure linear feet for CPVC, drain and supply piping with ease.”

For a small business in general contracting, this may seem like a significant expense. However, this is an investment. You will receive a return on your investment because you will be able to estimate project cost and time more efficiently. The other benefit that PlanSwift offers is one-on-one training with the purchase of the software for an additional cost by PlanSwift trainers.

  1. Software Integration

While PlanSwift does promote efficiency for job estimation and it does export to Excel and QuickBooks, it does not integrate with many other softwares. This could add a step when sharing estimations with customers. This could make life easier for the construction trades, but this drawback is not enough to opt not to use PlanSwift.

  1. Display

The work area or dashboard may be overwhelming to look at. But, this is the same for any new software until you are familiar with it. The benefit is that you can customize the dashboard to include the exact feature that you need.

PlanSwift is an innovative takeoff estimation tool that allows general contractors to operate more efficiently by calculating cost of materials and other job costs. This is a current construction technology trend. As a general contractor or a skilled trade business owner, invest in your company by using technology to make your process more efficient. It will give you a competitive advantage with larger companies.

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