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Perspectives of Doing Business in Detroit

Perspective 1: Business Owner 

One of the greatest unseen opportunities is doing business in Detroit. Most people see vacant lots, dumping, and dilapidated buildings. But when you have a vision and can see the residents as the human resources that they are, then you can see the value of what is actually there. City officials and residents are working hard everyday to improve their community. Most may not recognize that Detroit offers tax incentive programs aimed at generating economic growth for existing businesses as well as relocating and expanding businesses in the city of Detroit. It is a plus to work with a city that is interested in developing their residents and city. Detroit allows you to be a part of the growth of the city. 

--Peter Whittaker, Co-Founder/Owner of SBI Detroit

Perspective 2: IT in Detroit

There are a lot of benefits to doing business in Detroit. There are innumerable networking events in the city. You can be exposed to some of the most talented people. One time specifically, there was a man that was working out of a co-working space. We were speaking about multiple tech industry concepts. These co-working spaces allow small business owners to bounce ideas off of each other and it also allows for business owners to come together to work collaboratively. For example, if you work in IT, there are usually only 1-2 people on the team. Each member usually works on a different aspect of IT. Being able to discuss IT concepts while visiting a co-working space allows for inspiration and camaraderie that may be missing in your daily work environment. Detroit offers these types of spaces to small business owners, so the collaborative spaces provide a synergy to help promote ideas and positive vibes into the city. 

--Liz Shoup, Co-Founder/CTO of Dluxe Web Design

Perspective 3: Go Realer in Detroit

Doing business in Detroit, I have never viewed it as a challenge. I am Detroit. I am gritty and resourceful. Detroit requires you to have an intuitive approach to your business because the residents have seen it all. Above all, being successful in Detroit calls for accountability, integrity, and stick-to-itiveness. Doing business in Detroit has forced me to remain relentless in pursuing my craft because in the city nothing comes easy. Being a native Detroiter, the city inspired my company name and values. I am the Director of Visual Content for Go Realer Imaging Solutions. In Detroit, everything has to be authentic else it may be viewed as fake.You have to be real to do business in Detroit.  Any Detroiter knows, “real recognize real” and we work hard in the Motor City. 

--Stephane Parker, Owner/Director of Visual Content

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