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How to Get Your Business Ready to Open After COVID-19

Open Your Business Back up the Right Way

The world is opening back up for business after the 2020 world-altering pandemic of COVID-19. Many business industries have had to re-evaluate their business practices to ensure their business will remain open and productive. Many wonder what changes will be implemented and sustained to promote safe face-to-face business interactions. How will companies deal with employees who do not feel physically well? As a business owner, how will you ensure that your customers feel clean and safe?

According to the CDC, the major steps in reducing exposure to Coronaviruses are to develop a plan, implement the plan, maintain and revise your plan. These plans should focus on behavioral changes for employees and customers to ensure safety, as well as cleaning routines. 

Behavior Changes While Conducting Face-to-Face Business

1. Social Distancing--Businesses should still promote 6 ft. social distancing guidelines for customers and employees. 

2. Personal Cleanliness--Businesses should hang signs that remind customers and employees to wash their hands more frequently and for the correct amount of time. 

3. Sick Days--Businesses should still be lenient when it comes to employees’ sick days. It is better for your employees to stay home while sick to ensure they do not contract the Coronavirus or pass on the virus to others. 

4. Business cleanliness and Sanitizing--Businesses should have a plan in place that calls for more frequent cleanings of items and surfaces that are touched more frequently. If this can be completed with safety, it may be wise to allow your customers and employees to see the frequent wipe downs take place. This can help everyone feel safe and clean. 

5. Isolation Stations--Businesses should have a room to isolate customers or employees while they are in their facility.

Behavior Changes in Cleaning Hard Surfaces

COVID-19 should not necessarily change the way you clean, but it has changed how frequently you clean. This pandemic has also drawn attention to what are the best products to use to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

1. Check Your Products--Use EPA-approved products.

2. Read the Label--Make note of proper usage for specific surfaces and the duration of time that the product needs to sit to provide optimal sanitizing. 

3. Pre-Clean the Surface--Wash the surface with warm soapy water first. 

4. Contact Time--Make sure the disinfectant sits on the surface for the correct amount of time. The surface should remain wet with the product the entire time. 

5. Proper Ventilation--Make sure when you are cleaning you have proper ventilation for any fumes that may come with the cleaning process. Also, air flow helps to rid the air of the virus.

6. Protect Yourself--Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during the cleaning process. 

7. Safe Storage--Put away all disinfecting chemicals in a safe space. This will ensure that no one accidentally harms themselves or others. 

As the world opens back up after this global pandemic, the business world will have to make some fundamental changes–changes that include behavioral changes on the part of individuals and businesses. We will adapt and respond to the necessary changes that have been brought on by the pandemic. This process of change will require thoughtfulness and planning. All businesses have been tasked with developing a plan, implementing the plan, maintaining and revising the plan. All of us will need to change our fundamental behaviors of cleanliness and how we deal with sick individuals. This is how we keep our facilities clean and make our customers feel safe.

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