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4 Features Joist Uses To Promote Efficiency in Your Construction Management Business

Mobile technology changes daily. Everyday a software is created or made more efficient to make lives easier. As a business owner or start up business owner, you have to remain informed of new technology that will make your business run more efficiently, cutting cost, and saving time.  

In the world of construction, there have been several changes to improve invoicing and estimating leading up to the actual building process. 

What has changed to improve the efficiency in construction? Construction is construction, right?

In the past, a contractor would come to your home with his clipboard and measuring tape to take note of what the job would require. The contractor would go back to the office at some point and make approximate calculations to provide and estimate. As a customer, you would have to wait for that estimate and then play phone tag attempting to schedule the service.

This could be a tedious and drawn process. Well, today contractors have the benefit of using current mobile technology that allows for quicker estimates, scheduling, and invoicing all from your smartphone. These innovations are allowing more efficiency for contractors. 

One new innovation is Joist.

What is Joist?  

According to, “Joist is a mobile and web platform for estimating, invoicing, recording, processing payments, and managing projects from anywhere, Joist aims to enable contractors to reach their fullest potential. We make it effortless for contractors to win jobs, get time back in their day, and better serve their customers.”

But, what does that mean exactly?

Joist allows contractors to reach their full potential by having software that provides solutions to clients that leads to seamless interactions and allows you to manage the company effortlessly. Joist helps with problem solving and finding solutions on a daily basis for property owners. 

4 Features Joist Uses To Promote Efficiency in Your Construction Management Business

For each industry, the tool can be used to streamline the process. 


  • Joist allows for professional estimates that will build trust with potential clients. You can create and share estimates in minutes with the easy-to-use mobile estimating tool. It has many features built for contractors that includes deposits, markups, contracts and photos. It helps to create clear and organized estimates in minutes. This is impressive and educates your leads.


  • Joist can create and send out invoices quickly. You have the ability to text or email estimates or invoices. It has the ability to record payments or issue payment reminders to clients. 


  • It is simple to accept credit card payments from your clients. You can send them an invoice and turn on the “accept payment” feature.  You can receive your payments upon completion of jobs. Joist eliminates waiting to get paid. You and your clients will have closure when the job is over. This provides efficiency for the entire payment process. 


  • Joist is able to integrate with QuickBooks online. You can seamlessly track and calculate payments while on the job. This simple integration will save you time. You will be able to find tax documents at tax time. It will help you to avoid creating duplicate client files in your books. 


Joist is the tool that allows general contractors to operate more efficiently by saving you time by doing estimating, creating invoices, accepting payments, and managing your bookkeeping. This is a current construction mobile technology trend and it does have other features to streamline your processes. As a general contractor or a skilled trade business owner, invest in your company by using mobile technology to make your process more efficient. It will give you a competitive advantage over your larger competitors.

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